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Summer Travel Tips

It’s summer vacation time and just as with anything worthwhile, setting yourself up for a successful excursion entails tending to details, details, details. Got your passports? Check. Got your itineraries all planned? Check. Medications and refills in order? Check. Car rentals and insurance all in order? Check. As an avid globetrotter and travel consultant, there are a few gadgets I have relied on and can recommend that will help make your packing a little lighter and your spirit a little brighter so that you can have less to worry about and more time to enjoy what’s important, precious time with friends and family.

My favorite gadget to always have on hand when traveling abroad is a voltage adapter by JARVANIA. This handy adapter not only adapts to plugs in 200 countries, it also has 3 USB ports and a universal type C port for easy charge of other gadgets such as cell phones and other electronics. For all its versatility, it takes up almost zero space. This is a must have that can handle voltages up to 2400 watts. Keep in mind that US standard voltage is at 110 volts, so you cannot plug in a standard 220-volt appliance and expect it to automatically work in the US. If you do, you are guaranteed to fry your appliance. But for US appliances that need to work overseas, this is a sure bet. If traveling with enduring medical equipment like a C-PAP machine, it is best to purchase a power converter that can take loads in either direction. A SEYAS model is a solid investment.

Save yourself valuable time and cash by buying a convenience travel kit full of toiletry essentials and Fructis products. Everything is sized to meet TSA guidelines, so there’s no need to measure liquids and toothpaste volumes individually.

What savvy traveler hasn’t learned the old trick of hiding money in her bra? Well, here’s a version for the modern traveler. Keep what’s important close to your chest (pun intended). From hotel room keys, credit cards, and cash, this handy gadget is good to have not only when traveling but when making a quick run to the store when you don’t want to lug your purse. Travel planning doesn’t need to be a headache when you’ve made some savvy shopping selections ahead of your planned excursion. With a few added notches in your savvy traveler toolkit, set out knowing you’re already one step ahead of your to-do list.


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